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Cupcakes and Cashmere 27" Gingerbread Claydough Christmas Tree with Sweet Decorations

Cupcakes and Cashmere 27" Gingerbread Claydough Christmas Tree with Sweet Decorations

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Celebrate the holidays in style with this Cupcakes and Cashmere 27" Gingerbread Claydough Christmas Tree. This charming tree is adorned with faux candies, peppermints, gumdrops, and delightful gingerbread accents, making it a delightful addition to your festive decor.

🎄 Festive Decor: Our Gingerbread Claydough Christmas Tree is a sweet and whimsical addition to your holiday decorations. It's adorned with faux candies, peppermints, gumdrops, and even a gingerbread star and candy bow ribbon, creating a delightful candy-themed design.

✨ Glitter and Sprinkles: To add a touch of magic and sparkle, this tree is dusted with glitter and sprinkles that glisten in the holiday light, making it a true centerpiece of your Christmas display.

🌟 Claydough Construction: Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the tree features a tapered round metal frame inside, covered in claydough to give it the appearance of a gingerbread masterpiece. The claydough is expertly textured to mimic the look of real gingerbread.

🍬 Faux White Icing: The tree is finished with faux white icing that adds a snowy and delectable touch to its design, creating a winter wonderland effect.

👌 Unique Character: Please note that the nature of claydough may result in slight areas where the dough dried and shrank, showing small cracks. These imperfections do not affect the overall design and add to the tree's unique character.

📏 Measurements: This Gingerbread Claydough Christmas Tree stands at a stately 27" tall, with a 6" width and 6" length, making it a prominent and eye-catching addition to your holiday decor.

Bring the joy of the season to your home with our Cupcakes and Cashmere Gingerbread Claydough Christmas Tree. It's a whimsical and delightful way to celebrate the holidays and create cherished memories with loved ones. Order now to make this festive masterpiece part of your Christmas traditions.

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